About Us

The Green Locus is the centre of experiential travel in the Himalayan region of India. We believe, live and promote responsible tourism practices and also contribute to local community upliftment. Be it Adventure, Culture or Nature, we are here to create genuine and lifelong travel experiences for everybody.

The Green Locus is the brain child of a group of travel enthusiasts who love to explore new destinations and travel responsibly. A common trait in all the members of The Green Locus family is their love for the nature, the people and culture of the region that we work in. It is this passion for traveling responsibly and enjoying the riches of the region that drives us to share these experiences with the larger world. We like to call our travels as EXPERIENCES as they are mostly full of unique, lifelong experiences.

Few of the many USPs of The Green Locus are:

  • to provide authentic experiences (and not just packages) to all our travelers
  • focus on the essential elements of the travel eco-system: Nature, People, Culture and the traveler
  • Community involvement. When you get involved with the Green Locus, you are positively impacting the life of at least one person from the community. Read more here.
  • Work on the principles of Responsible Travel. We believe that travel should be responsible towards Nature, towards the local community, towards local sentiments and towards the local culture. Read morehere.
  • Experiences that span the length and breadth of Adventure, Culture and Nature

Travel with us and experience the majestic beauty that nature is, feel the high of adventure, understand and live the local culture, interact with people, live the other life and be the harbinger of change. Each journey with The Green Locus is a journey of difference. Come, be a part of this journey!