Experiences for Corporates

A rejuvenating experience that transcends the mind, body and the spirit! The Green Locus has been creating amazing and authentic experiences for corporate teams that have resulted in increased team adhesiveness, improved work-place focus, a can-do spirit and a sense of professionalism and respect among the employees.

The very seriousness with which we conduct our outbound training programs can be judged by the fact that we take pains to conduct our programs somewhere close to nature and far off from the maddening rush of the city life so that all that one has to focus is on self and the people around!

Our experiences have often been called as “life changing” and “a positive influence” by those who have indulged in them. Here are a few reasons why businesses have chosen us as their preferred partner for outbound education:
  • Focus on Experiences:The focus of our programs is to provide an experience and not a package to our clients. We are focused on providing genuine lifelong experiences to help people realize their potentials and bring out the best in them.
  • Traveler is the King of the Travel Eco-system:The core of “The Green Locus” is a travel ecosystem that thrives on principles of maintaining a healthy relationship between nature, people, culture and the traveler. When these 4 dynamics work in unison, the result is a healthy travel eco-system at the top of which lies the traveler. (Read more about our Philosophy here )
  • Customer First: : A belief that helps us in putting the customer above everything else
  • Community upliftment : A pseudo CSR model which directly channels into local community upliftment
  • Ethical tourism : A strong belief on the ethics and principles of responsible tourism
  • Ingenuous Experiences: : Our experiences are a perfect mix of Nature, Culture and Adventure which creates heartfelt and long lasting memories for all our travelers.
  • Innovation : We keep innovating to ensure that there is always a freshness in our programs and they cater to the changing needs of the traveler
  • Multiple benefits for travelers: Participants in our travel experiences have quoted the following benefits
    • Leadership development
    • Stress management skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Personal discovery
    • Time management skills
  • Special programs for special needs: There is a plan for everyone. Be it experienced professionals, top management, new recruits or just everybody, there is a program to take care of every need.

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